From Newbie to Uber Geek

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Around the World

Dear friends,
Please excuse me for taking 5 months to make a new post, I don't have any other excuse than just being busy and not making time for it.

My last post was on September 9th, when I just started my internship in Barcelona. Now looking back I realise I really had an amazing time in which I learnt a lot, not only business wise but also personally. Life in Barcelona was hectic & fast as a roller coaster and super easygoing & spontaneous at the same time, full of surprises, (dinner) parties, work, Star Wars, friends, drinks, beach life, sun, and some cultural and architectural experience.

I had a really good experience working at BME Global, and I think I did a really good job there.
I got hired to do marketing research, but as their events coordinator left the day I arrived I automatically got assigned for that job. This meant that I had to organise a conference in Prague within 3 weeks. It took me many hours trying to figure out what actually I had to do because everybody was too busy with their own jobs to help me, but went surprisingly well. Me and 4 other colleagues went to Prague for 6 days while the conference only took 2 days, so we got to see a lot of the city, too! I also organised another conference in Barcelona, which was a success as well. I really enjoyed what I had to do, and I learnt a lot in these 5 months, sometimes especially how not to do business.

Because I was working at an international company my Spanish isn't that well as I hoped it would be after 7 months, (was mainly speaking Spanish when going out with the influence of alcohol, somehow it would always be easier then :) ) but I can understand it really well, and can have easy conversations.

But seriously, my time in Barcelona was better than I could ever have hoped for, this also because of all the great people I met there, and especially Carlos & Robbert, my dear roommates and friends who always treated me as a princess :D they were the reason that I felt home in BCN, may the force be with you! Navana, a very successful woman and my sweet, luvly girl, I’m glad I met you! Jordi, my Dutch companion at BME, he’s fun, but a bit fat ;) see you February next year with carnival!

Currently I’m studying in Canberra, the capital of Australia, so far I’m having so much fun here living on campus. I promise this week there will be a new post on my life in Ozzie!

Take care,