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Friday, February 03, 2006

First Crisis!

Yesterday I had my first blog/html crisis.

I was changing something in the template when suddenly the links and the previous post got all messed up and looking weird. So of course I started panicking, and if my prince charming Johan would not have been there to rescue, my blog wouldn’t be here today the way it is now.

So now you’re probably wondering what I, as an inexperienced person, did messing with the html, well this started after I just had my first internet/html lesson on Monday, how to see my statistics. I got a guided tour through statcounter, and pasted html code in my template (of course this was all carefully done by step-to-step guiding and explanation). Ok, so far so good.

On Tuesday I found out, (on my own) how I could add links to my blog, so I added Johan’s Terpstravaganza blog, this still went ok, but then I wanted to delete the example link “edit me”, come on, this looks so unprofessional. And I did not realize that you have to be very careful with what you take out, I mean so many symbols/special sign things, what would it matter if I deleted some of that!? And I deleted among the edit me, "> from the < a href= ”><⁄ a > ….. So only those two little symbols caused a major crisis (ok, this actually took 5 minutes to fix, but still).

What did I learn from this:
Everything in html starts with an opening tag and a closing tag, the closing tag is like the opening tag but with / in it. If you take (part of) the closing tag away, the computer will get confused. Like a header is; < h1 > Here you write your header <⁄ h1 > (or use < h2 > <⁄ h2 > , < h3 > <⁄ h3 > for smaller headers) But if you leave the closing <⁄ h1 > out, then the computer will think that all what is written after that is still part of the header and will mess everything up!

And when you have like the links on the right an unordered list so without numbers or anything, it will look like this:

< ul > (beginning unordered list)

< li > point one <⁄ li >

< li > point two <⁄ li >

<⁄ ul > (end unordered list)

I feel so smart! \(“,)/

This is what I wrote Wednesday, of course I did not realize that blogger would implement the html, so I had to “translate” the characters with bloggerkeyboard first. Guess I’m not so smart yet after all.


  • At 04 February, 2006 00:42, Blogger Johan said…

    Actually, you are very smart! You would be surprised how often I have repeated simple stuff to people who are supposed to already know that stuff.

    You absorb it all at once and get on with it in true winner style. I am very proud of you and I think you are the coolest girlfriend one can have.

    I look forward to launching your travel site; it will be so much fun to finally do so.


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