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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I’m Going DownUnder!

These past few weeks have been so exciting and at the same time so scary and stressful.

Currently I’m a second year student at the School of International Facility Management (IFM) at the Hanze University. Since the course is international, my class is multinational as well; people in my class are from all over the world (Aruba, St Martin, Bulgaria, Nigeria etc). The cultural differences may create many miscommunications but also makes the study so very interesting and instructive!

The third year of IFM is going abroad, 5 months on internship in any country you like and 5 months studying at a partner school of the Hanze. The Hanze University has 5 partners schools; in Austria (Kufstein), Finland (Jyvaskyla), US (Arizona), China (Macau), and Australia (Canberra).

Before the first of March we had to hand in our 3 favourites with motivation letters, copy of our grades and other stuff, then one week later we would hear where Hanze had decided to place us. You saw the people in my class (definitely including me) getting more nervous every day.

Anyway I’m placed in Canberra, and I’m so excited about it! I’ll be going with a friend also called Janneke, and she is definitely much fun. The term will start halfway February next year, but we will probably fly to Sydney (which is relatively close) 2 weeks before school starts to do some great sight seeing. Then we will be living on campus of the Australian International Hotel School, in Canberra for 3 months. After that we’ll still have 4 months before our fourth year will start to do some seriously good travelling.

If everything goes according plan, a really good friend of mine, Piia, will be doing her internship in Sydney at the same time, so hopefully she’ll have time to travel with us. I can totally see us driving in our flower power hippie van, wandering around, going from beach to beach, surfing everyday…. :D

I also want to go bungee jumping and snowboarding (fingers crossed that Johan can come for a couple of weeks then as well) in New Zealand. And if possible I want to visit Indonesia, Thailand, and China, too!! But looking at the time limitation we have, that will probably be something for another trip.

Ow goss, there are so many great places to discover in this world….


  • At 26 March, 2006 23:35, Blogger Johan said…

    Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!

    Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Just had a Google session on Canberra and first of all, I didn't even know it was Australia's capital! So much for 8/10 at Grammar School Geography hey?!

    Folk Dance seems to be the city's favourite past-time (hurray! :) ) and they're heavily involved with politics. But that's where the boring stuff ends it seems.

    Did you know it was purpose built as the capital from scratch to settle a dispute between Victoria and New South Wales? It's even built exactly in between Sydney and Melbourne in order to not show any favouritism form the government's behalf. Pretty clever.

    Prostitution appears to be tolerated only in Canberra which kind of worries me, since it may well be a sign men there are desperate. Knowing your pulling skills and general magnet-like presence, I'm sure you'll get plenty of attention. Looks like I'll have to come over to kick some crock hunters' ass over there :D Good excuse though...

    But surfing and snowboarding sound like a deal as well. And Master Frodo's Shire of course...

    Anyway, I'm so happy for you! It will be such a never-to-forget experience for you, it'll be totally awesome, in Yankee Doodle terms, or Crikey, in Ozzie terms (me thinks).

    Piia and Janneke joining in sounds like a great deal - it'll comfort me to know you'll be in safe hands.

    Alrighty mate, just be sure to not pick up too much of an Ozzie accent hey?! Crikey!

  • At 27 March, 2006 15:16, Blogger Janneke said…

    Thanks for always being so supportive, rest assured that no "crock hunter" or aboriginal will be as crikey as you are... :)

  • At 29 March, 2006 16:54, Anonymous Sander said…

    Well then, here is my comment! Net yn it frysk, but just in plain English as you requested ;-) Sounds very good, Canberra Australia!! (And Johan, I didn't realise either that Canberra is the capitol;-) And surfing every day and cruisin' in a hippie van sounds like fun! Is the other Janneke still single? ;-) Maybe I'll drop by for a visit :-P Gotto go now, talk to ya later! Cheers mate!

  • At 30 March, 2006 20:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hoi Hele Knappe Dochter Van Mij
    Ik ben heel trots op je mooie blog
    blijf ik lekker van de dingen op de hoogte.
    Het is erg leuk voor je dat je naar Down Under gaat, maar ik vind het wel erg ver.....

  • At 24 April, 2006 15:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey there! I dun tink u know me as i live thousands of miles away in Singapore! nyway, ive juz did a google on "AIHS blog" and ur link popped up. u see, i was searching for blogs of current AIHS students to see how the life is there like.. and i thot u were a current student :) u see, im also goin to AIHS on scholarship in feb 07. i feel that it will be a great experience to meet ppl from all over the globe and i hope to be friends with you yeah? til deb, cheerios! - Zal


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