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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Son, she said, have I got a little story for you
What you thought was your daddy was nothin' but a...
While you were sittin' home alone @ age thirteen
Your real daddy was dyin', sorry you didn't see him, but I'm glad we talked...
Oh I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey I, oh, I'm still alive….. “
Pearl Jam, Alive

Pavello Olimpic de Badalona, Friday September 1st, 22:00h (10:00pm), Pearl Jam starts playing after a great warm up by Wolfmother, and the crowd goes crazy! At that moment the crowd included Carlos, Robbert and me, jumping, screaming and enjoying the perfect moment!

We booked the tickets about 2 months ago, and since I paid them with my credit card, only I was able to pick them up with my ID the night of the concert. This was a great opportunity to blackmail Robbert and Carlos, (since they wouldn’t be going if I wasn’t going) making them to do the dishes, cook for me, getting me drinks, etc! :D

We were very scared that we would be too late so they would sell our tickets, that’s why we decided on meeting 2 and a half hours before the concert would start. I’m off at 16:30h every Friday, but usually all the office people (15 to be exact) go for team spirit building drinks then, so unfortunately I already had to leave after one drink, to go home, change, get my stuff and meet the guys. Pavello Olimpic is a bit outside Barcelona, a metro ride of about 30 minutes. When we got there the diehard fans were already waiting to go in (2hours before the doors would open), and it was rather crowded already. Anyway of course we had plenty of time to get our tickets, and there was even time for some food and drinks at a bar.

We had standing tickets and when Wolfmother started playing it was not very busy yet, so we had perfect view on the stage (also that the Spanish people are usually small played a role in having that great view on the stage). I never heard anything of Wolfmother before, Robbert already knew them and kept telling us that they are really good, so it was very exciting. When they started playing it became clear that Robbert didn’t say anything too much, Wolfmother was amazing!!! Really, they had a great sound, good interaction, and as a bonus the singer said after a couple of songs something like “the next song needs some help, I’m afraid we can’t do it alone” and then Eddie Vedder came up and they were singing together!!! How cool is that???

While Wolfmother was playing people kept on coming so it got more crowded by the minute. And it was sooo hot in there, goss. By the time Pearl Jam started playing it was packed!! As soon as they started playing we lost Robbert, he wanted to go a bit more to the back because it was too warm and full. During the first songs it was really cool, Carlos and I were jumping around, but after a couple of songs I also had this feeling of, ok, I just want to enjoy the music with out getting annoyed with all those people hitting me. So I went a bit more to the side, and over there it was perfect, I had a great view, the people were still jumping around me, but just without getting bounced around.

Pearl Jam was fantastic!!!!! They had such a great interaction with the crowd, at one point we all started singing like “oleeee ole ole oleeee, oleeee, oleeee”… You know that one? Anyway, and they just like improvised something on that and started singing and playing with us! It was so cool! At another point the singer of Wolfmother came on the stage and they sang and went totally mad together again! They played really long as well, like about 2 hours!!

Like I said, it was very warm and crowded so by the end a lot of people went a bit to the back or side already, so about half an hour before they ended I decided to get back in the middle again! Like right about were I left Carlos, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.. After the concert when the lights went on and people were leaving I was moving towards the stage to look for my friends, and right at that moment I saw Carlos, totally exhausted, bruised, scratched, broken, sweaty, but soooo satisfied! He had been jumping like right in front of the stage the whole 2hours! That moment was like a perfect ending of a perfect concert!!!


  • At 18 September, 2006 15:03, Anonymous Lysanne said…

    Hey girly,

    Hoe is het met je??
    Nog 5 daagjes en dan gaan we lekker naar Calella...
    Hoe is het weer nu? En weet je iets over de vooruitzichten?
    Het zou wel leuk zijn als we kunnen meeten? Heb je het errug druk volgende week?

    Nou we smsen anders wel ffies, kusje Lysanne en Demi

  • At 03 November, 2006 00:13, Anonymous Mirjam said…

    Hey! Het wordt wel weer eens tijd voor een nieuw stukkie hoor! Alles nog steeds goed in Barca?! Succes met het plannen voor jullie trip!

    x Mir

  • At 05 March, 2007 13:31, Blogger Johan said…

    It's March now... Are you still alive? Get your blog hat on, girl! :)


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